benefit and maintainances of websites
benefit and maintainances of websites

Your Web developer informs you that your website is ready for launch, You are excited and can’t wait to kickoff and start making that money.  But Hold on there!!! As much as you want to launch your website, there are certain things you need to check out first.

39 website launch checklist

In Nigeria, clients are so much in a hurry to kick off their business website and start making money that they forget to check out core things about their it that could hamper their business at a long run.  Today we are going to look at 39 checklists for your website before you launch, It will be categorized into 6 (six);

  • Website design
  • Functionality
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Security and backups
  • Compliance

The above categories are the core things that make a website – if any of them is missing, it can jeopardize your business online. So let’s take a look at them one after the other.

Website Design

The strength of a good website starts with the design. If your website design lacks the following, meet your web developer to correct it.

  • Your web pages must be compatible across all kind of browsers -specifically, Internet Explorer (7,8,9, and 10), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Ucbrowser and the likes.
  • It must be mobile responsive and can fit in well with all kind of screens.
  • CSS and Html are properly validated and optimised
  • Javascript is optimised across all web pages
  • Images are optimised and lastly
  • Favicon is in place and working properly.


Check out all added functionality and ensure the work properly.

  • Forms: ensure your forms are submitting data properly and orderly. Also, check if the forms are sending to the recipient or are being stored in the company’s database.
  • Your “thank you” message page: this is very vital as it pops up after a transaction has been done. it encourages customers to come back. ensure that it displays correctly.
  • Internal links across all web pages are working properly. Also, check your external links too.
  • What off your social media handles, are their share functionality working properly?
  • Ensure your website RSS feeds are properly working too.
  • Your company logo should be linked to the homepage
  • Your site speed should be optimised. It should be above 50% using Google’s page speed insight.
  • 404 redirect page must be enabled
  • Ensure 3rd party integrations are properly working.


What makes your website visible to clients is the strength of your SEO.

  • Your page titles should not exceed more than 70 characters including keywords
  • Each page should have it own unique meta description with the main keyword in it.
  • Your pages shouldn’t be over-flooded with keywords. The highest amount of keywords on each page should be 10.
  • Metadata should be properly in place for social sharing content and RSS feed content.
  • Alt tags should be added to all images
  • A sitemap must be created for your website. it enables search engine crawlers to easily find you.
  • Sitemaps should be summited to search engines like Google and Bing.
  • if it is an old site that was revamped, there should be 301 redirects for all old pages.

Google Analytics

It might cost extra charges. However, if requested for, ensure that

  • The codes are properly installed and it is working.
  • ensure that the google webmasters and google analytics are properly synced.

In most cases, the remaining aspect of analytics falls on the online marketer.

Let us move to the next one

Security and Backup

Your site security is essential – ensure it is by checking the following

  • 24/7 monitoring scripts are installed
  • Check that your site has been properly backed up in case the main one crashes.
  • Ensure your maintenance team continually backup your website as ongoing events occur on it on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that password and other website credentials are stored in a secured database.


Your site also as to follow some rules and regulations that govern its use around the world.

  • Ensure that your website can be accessible by people with disabilities as regarded by WAI-RAI
  • Your web pages must notify people about the use of cookies
  • Terms and Privacy policies should be available for users.
  • Your website must be PCI secured (for those who store and process credit cards on their website).

So these are the major kinds of stuff you need to check on your website before launching. Others include your Web page content. You can get full details on Hubspot, the original source.


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