reasons for website audit

SEO audit is the procedure for checking the search engine friendliness of a website.

Website SEO audit should be an ongoing process that should be conducted at least once a year. It is also crucial to measure your site’s performance so that you can keep improving it over time.

As we read further, we will understand the reasons for website auditing in business.

what is SEO audit

What Does a website SEO Audit Cover?

The goal of a website’s SEO audit is to provide a clear picture of how effectively your site performs in search engine results.

Website audit will enable you to know the performances of  SEO campaign of your website and issues affecting your website.

It will also help you stay ahead with the latest search engine algorithm update.

Search organizations like google and bing are always releasing updates the auditing will provide clear views of what to change.


Some of the key components which are reviewed during a site audit include the following:

  • Evaluation of content
  • Site and URL errors
  • Checking of site speed and canonicalization
  • Evaluation of XML sitemap
  • Evaluation of Robots.txt files
  • Examination of site architecture

Here are the top reasons  SEO audit is so important:

  • It involves analysis of your site to provide you insights into new strategic and graphic ideas.
  • The reports will provide you insights into your site’s search rankings, traffic, search percentages, and bounce rates.
  • An SEO audit can help in adjusting key components affecting your site’s performance.
  • The analysis can also provide you guidance for developing new strategies.
  • Learn where traffic is coming from and the most important keywords driving them.
  • Learn about the sites providing referrals.

An SEO audit will also address broken site links, HTML errors, and review response and download times.

There are much more reasons for having an SEO  audit on your website at least once in six months.

For big organizations that deal with more of e-commerce must be everyday auditing.

For individuals or small business coming up, I will advise at minimum once in 6 months by an expert.



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