important of technology certification

Being an IT professional you may have witnessed the growth in the Technology industry over the years. To be a part of this growing industry, it has become essential to keep up with the technological changes which demand that IT professionals build their skillsets and acquire noteworthy credentials for the future.

important of technology certification

For professional as well as individual growth, people today have resorted to gaining deeper knowledge in their respective fields. Similar is the case with the IT industry.

Furthermore, IT certifications help in keeping up with the rapidly evolving industry.

An organization that has skilled and certified human resources not only does better at providing quality deliverables, but also bolsters the company’s reputation in attracting and building new business.

IT professionals through additional certifications, can leverage upon their skills in terms of interesting project opportunities and client acceptance.

Organizations having certified personnel have the advantage of getting a better client in-flow as well. From the client perspective, an organization with certified personnel reassures them of their project being in competent hands.

If you are looking forward to excel and mark your presence in the organization you are working at, being a certified professional may be just the way.

Here are a few advantages of being a certified IT professional that will help you excel and grow professionally;


1.The first and foremost factor that any organization will give importance to, is that an employee with additional certification will enhance the company’s professional image.

  •  An employee with strong certifications is viewed as an asset by an organization and maybe awarded with challenging project assignments. Certifications justify your zeal to excel in your career and give your best performance to the organization.
  • Employees with entry level certifications may bear this misconception that their certifications do not hold much value. However, this actually helps your employers develop faith in your skillset and gives you an edge over your peers.
  • Having advanced level certifications helps you create a niche skillset for yourself, making you an expert for that technology. This not only advances your chances at working on newer and more challenging projects but also makes you an asset for your organization.
  • Upgrading your professional skills aids climbing the professional ladder within your organization.
  • Certifications add a great value to your as well as your employers’ professional marketability. Surveys indicate that employees with additional certification/s stand a better chance of retaining their jobs in the organization.
  • Some Certifications do require recertification after a certain period of time to ensure that they remain meaningful and valuable indicators of candidates’ skills. For example MCSE and MCSM certifications require recertification every three years, while MCSD certified ASP.NET programmers require to be recertified every two years.
  • Depending on the certification you have achieved, most of them have an upgrade path available. So the learning curve is always on a definite incline. Certifications add great value to your earning potential as well.
  • In addition to these advantages, you not only add value to your professional profile, but your organization’s professional profile as well, especially with respect to your clients. An organization having certified professionals acts as a reassurance to clients of handing over their project to experts.


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