What is website
What is website

A Website or web site is a collection of web pages.

A related collection of World Wide Web (W.W.W) files includes a beginning file called a home page.

what is website ?
A company or person will usually tell you how to get to their website by giving you the address of the homepage.

From this page, you can navigate through to the other pages on their site.

For example, the Website for ultramedia solution has the home page address of http://www.ultramediasolution.com.

Facebook’s home page address leads to thousands of pages. (Notwithstanding, website can also be just a few pages).

This therefore shows that a website and web page are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably as it is sometimes done.

Websites are of different types

A web normally falls under one of the broad categories below;

• Editable brochure website (requiring a content management system).

• Non-editable brochure website, often referred to as static website.

• Editable, dynamic website, with more user engagement (login areas etc) and self-managed through a content management system.

• A web application- when a system requires lots of bespoke functionality or processes it generally falls under the web application category.

• E-commerce site- it is integrated with a payment gateway such as Paypal, Worldpay or banks like HSBC or Barclays.

Making a decision on what type of site you require is dependent on what you want the website to function as.

If you just feel you need a website, then a simple brochure website is all that is required.

Preferably, no website should be completely static but one has to be realistic and consider the available resources.
Based on contents, designs and functionalities, websites can be further categorized into the following:

• Information Website- this type of web site is dedicated strictly to providing information, whether paid or free.

• Personal Website- this category has a huge number, as many personal websites now exist.

A personal web is often handled by a single individual and may contain any information that catches his/her fancy.

Personal web and blogs may now be considered as the fastest growing type.

• Blog- this type can be created by anyone that uses free services like Blogger.com (Google) or Windows live Spaces (Microsoft).

WordPress (a blog software) can also be installed on your pre-existing website and used to post your thoughts, just like an online diary.

• Forums- This category helps to provide a discussion or interaction among the users.

One can join any online forum on the web only in exceptions where an invitation is required; or one’s account is blocked.

Forums on web usually contain sub-categories that further narrows a certain topic/subject.

• Social Networking Web- this is a new trend. This can be further classified as Web 2.0 sites but more popularity goes out to a different category, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

This type of web has a whole of utilites available to it and more are still be invented.

• File Sharing Website- on here, images can be found as well as music (sometimes the entire album) and videos.

They offer both free and paid memberships. Megaupload.com and RapidShare.com are examples of a file sharing website.


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