website design career - its advantages

5 stuffs that every website needs.

Your website design is the first visual expression customers see about your business and you need to make certain it’s an amazing one. It should be a mirror of everything your business represents and what you want potential customers to know.


However, this is 2017 and we are already in the “mber” month and the quality of your website matters. Your competitors are not backing out in trying to attract clients and customers and so should you.

Customers expectations are high and you must meet these expectations and it starts with a great website. You need to have a customer friendly website that is easy to navigate and interact with.

The question is …

What makes a great website design

Mobile friendly

First, your website must be mobile friendly. According to HuffingtonPost, mobile optimised sites increased conversions. Having a website that is accessible to all kind of devices and screen size is now a priority. Facts as it that 80% of internet users access it with their mobile phones. So it is important to make your website friendly.

However, if your website isn’t mobile optimised, here is what you can do;

  • Rebuild it into a responsive layout or
  • You build a dedicated mobile site for mobile users only.

Easy Navigation

Site navigation is very important in for websites. According to Google, 61% of mobile users and even desktop users don’t return to a site they find difficult to access and navigate. Effective website navigation includes

  • using breadcrumbs navigation style
  • designing visible, clickable buttons
  • Following the “three click rule”


Facts have it that people quickly abandon a website that takes time to load. Everybody hates a slow loading website and this can affect your website rankings and business.

Below are ways you can make your site load faster:

  • optimise image size
  • minify javascript, Html, CSS
  • combining code into a central CSS or Javascript file
  • remove irrelevant pages as they also cost page load timing


A single picture, speaks volumes and choosing the right type of images can help with brand positioning. Make use of high-quality pictures that sends the right messages. There are several websites where you can download quality pictures without facing copyright infringement. When it comes to images you can try out the following;

  • infographics
  • gifs
  • slides
  • videos and
  • memes

These can be much more effective at communicating than even the most well-written piece of text.


If you are familiar with using Yoast Seo plugins on WordPress, you will notice that readability is a key factor for website to rank on search engines

Below are the recommendations for a good website design readability;

  • Use San Serif fonts, they are contemporary without any decorative finishes
  • No paragraph should exceed more than 5 lines
  • sentences must be either 20 words or below.
  • text lent should be 16px.

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